Monday, July 6, 2009

My new blog!

Ok, so this is new to me, however I often think of funny things that I would love to broadcast to the rest of the universe, so I'm gonna start here!

First of all, I'm Christopher, I'm 24, a college student, animal lover, technology lover, blah blah blah who cares right? I don't! So anyways, You'll get to know me pretty well if you keep up with my posts, which I'm setting a goal of atleast once a day, which I think I can post from my iPhone? Haven't checked yet! So a picture is in order huh? Let's see...
Ok, there I am on the left... Out in downtown Jacksonville, my hometown!

So if you have any suggestions or wanna ask me what I think about something, I'll put my email address down here somewhere! NO SPAM!! Please? HAHA

This weekend was fun! Happy BD to America! Went out with a really good friend of mine, and we went to the beaches to Lynch's and to The Atlantic and the other pub on the corner that we can never pronounce correctly!
The real fun, however, was Saturday when I met Lindz, and her sister down at the beach on our bikes, I got there a little late and met up with them about an hour and a half before they were gonna leave... LAME! We met up with some friends and rode our bikes to a concert party at a house, but didn't go in because this was what we rolled up on!
So we rode around, stole some flags and had a great time!
So my girls left, and just at that time I rode by some friends of mine, and went to a party, at Black Sheep Surfshop on 3rd street in Jax beach! Nice store! check it out sometime! Some beer pong, some kegs, lovely ladies, good friends, great time! Drank quite a bit, and so it was time to head out since the fireworks were going to be happening soon!

The beach was PACKED, and dark until the fireworks started going off! We were about 40 yards from the pier, where the fireworks were being launched from, great show! Highlight of the show was when one of the big colorful loud ones decided to go off right at the end of the pier without launching! HAHA So I'll leave the rest of the night for tomorrow because it's a LOOOONG story after that! Hope you all stick with me while I learn how this all works!

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See you soon!

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