Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it a Matter of Opinion, or Just Being Willfully Ignorant?

This came up in a conversation with someone today about a person who is extremely Christian and likes to try to convince people who do not believe in a god that they are wrong. The matter of discussion is the person I was discussing it with said that my Atheist stance and their Christian fundamentalism was a matter of difference of opinion. This is not the case, in fact. To believe that the Bible is the unchanging true word of god is to be willfully delusional and ignorant. The proof that the bible is completely wrong in so many areas is there, but people choose to take it as fact and write off clear evidence that it is nothing more than myths written by people with an agenda.

To disprove the credibility of the bible you only need to take a science class, preferably a Biology class. To be a fundamentalist Christian you must believe that everything the bible says is a fact and we should follow the literal translation of it. All you need to do is take your bible into the class, read the first 2 chapters of Genesis about the creation of man. Before you even open the Biology book you will have noticed that the 2 versions of the creation story do not even match up! The order in which the animals are created and named and when man comes about are not consistent. Why is this? If it is the inerrant word of God, as so many people say(think) it is, why would god make such mistakes in his own account of how he created everything?

Moving along, the Biology book will contain a chapter entitled: Evolution. This chapter is something that is agreed upon by scientists around the world from every country, every race, every religion, and every University you will ever attend, absent the Christian universities, which in reality, are there even science classes in these universities that are really science if they don't teach Evolution? This chapter will give you a basic explanation of how Natural selection occurs, there are many ways that populations become isolated, and adapt and change over time, and eventually become so different they can no longer reproduce, this is Evolution. Decent with modification, over millions and millions of years. This is backed by almost countless numbers of fossils and DNA evidence, and is being confirmed more and more everyday by the discoveries in genetics.

The Theory of Evolution is now even so undeniably backed by evidence that the Vatican themselves have confirmed that this is where modern animals came from! How can they be given any credibility now that their holy book has been proven to be made up? I digress, back to the point: So to deny that evolution is a fact is just plain ignorant. That being said, if you believe that the bible is unchanging and the literal word of god and should be literally interpreted, then you are ignorant, We know that the creation story told in the bible is by no means a fact, and is just a fairy tale made up by people who did not have science, or anyway of discovering DNA, fossils, or putting scientific evidence together to discover the truth of where we came from.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in debunking the superstitions of the bible, but my point is, the facts are there! Look for them! Stop believing what a preacher tells you, stop reading a book that hasn't been relevant since it was written! How can we get anything out of a book that was changed so many times that we don't even know where they really came from or what the original said?! To ignore facts that are in front of you is to be willfully ignorant. If a jury was in charge of a murder trial and there was as much evidence that the murderer was guilty as there is that evolution is the correct way we came about, every single juror would vote guilty without hesitation! Funny how DNA is used in court to prove guilt and innocence, but it's not good enough to say we evolved along with apes and chimps from a common ancestor?! What kind of logic is that? It isn't.

If you believe that god created one man, one woman, and a talking snake that was such a smooth talker that he convinced Eve to bite a forbidden fruit and THAT'S why childbirth is painful, and why people suffer, then you, my friend, are willfully ignorant and delusional. There may not be any proof for or against a god, but one thing is for sure: the bible has no credibility to our modern scientific society, and should not be taken any more seriously than the Lord of the Rings, which I feel is much better written, at least it doesn't contradict itself hundreds of times! So, it is clearly not a matter of different opinions, my stance is one based on facts, the stance of Christian Fundamentalism is based on ignorance. This ignorance is one based on fear of the unknown and an indoctrination of unquestioning blind faith that they have received at a young age.

Don't agree? Tell me why!


  1. It's willful ignorance, plain and simple.

  2. Why are you so against Christianity? If you choose not to believe in it, why do you have to bash those who are? I don't understand your hatred....

  3. Can you clear up what you believe then? How did it all start? Where did we all come from? Has matter always existed? What caused the big bang? Was there ever a beginning? Why is there structure to the universe? How did thing life begin?

    Also how do you define atheism?

  4. Ryan, Atheism is by definition without a belief in a god or gods, we do not yet know where matter came from, maybe it is a never ending cycle of expansion and contraction, we may never know, but I know it is not what superstitions say it is, that's for sure, I believe in nothing, I only know facts, doesn't take belief.
    Michelle, I only hate the spreading of lies and indoctrination, I bash those that are bc I do not like ignorance, and you know as well as I do that Christians look down on people who aren't of their same beliefs. I don't like how it makes a virtue out of ignorance, that's what faith is, plain and simple, and I know you are an amazing girl, we grew up together, if Christians were all like you, there wouldn't be a problem, but they aren't. My hatred comes from the way they try to tell everyone else how they should live their lives, and try to pass laws that are against the constitution. The bible promotes hatred, bigotry, genocide, and is not something that should be considered moral by any means! The gospels are not first hand accounts of Jesus, they were written 70 or more years after he supposedly lived. They are made up stories! These fairy tales are told to children and presented as fact, this is not right.

    You don't believe in the god Horus, but he came 3000 years before "Jesus" and has the exact identical story! There are many others with the same story that all came before Jesus supposedly did. I just find it offensive that people look down on people for not believing their mumbo jumbo, and tell them they're going to an imaginary lake of fire for thinking for themselves and seeing that these are all made up stories. I feel that religion is the enemy of human progress, because it encourages people to not think for themselves. Look through history, it's filled with wars, killings, and suppression of scientific progress, and it still goes on today! Stem cell research could cure so many diseases and save so many lives, but of course, it's not allowed bc they come from a potential life, not even formed yet, ridiculous!

    It's not a simple answer or explaination, and you will not be able to see where I'm coming from bc you are still in their world and under the belief that having faith is a good thing, but it is not in any way a good thing. But I'm glad you comment, others don't care to find out, just write it off as evil lol, but you know me better than to write me off as evil I hope!

  5. I don't think you're evil! I just think you're a bit harsh...the way you talk of Christians looking down on others for not believing the way they do, you are kind of doing with you wanting them to see your ways. Something to think about!! :)

  6. This is why I went to a private school. We prayed
    before lunch, games and whenever we wanted and didn't have to deal with this.

  7. And Chris, Michelle is right, you are no better than those you are accusing.

  8. Exactly, Brooke, should have to go to a private school if you want your kids to pray, etc... I'm not the same, my stance on it is justified due to the fact that they are forcing superstition and ignorance on people. It is different that I am raising awareness for logic and reason, and Christians only want people to be dumb and only trust in the bible... Bc science is evil! You're right, I'm no better than them, we are all human and equal, but on the logic dept. I am much better bc I know fact from fiction and don't need an invisible friend watching me at all times to be a good person. I don't have to pick and choose between the horrible verses in my "moral" guide and the sorta good ones to base my life on... Nothing I live by condones rape, torture, incest, murder, homophobia, racism, bigotry, belittling of women, or genocide, and still claims to be a "moral guide" doesn't doubt too moral huh? When will everyone grow up and stop believing in fairy tales?! I can only hope it's soon! Bc I can't help but laugh at stories from the bible and the fact that people take it as fact! I just gave you proof that the bible is full of holes! Why don't you face the facts? Why do you grasp onto superstition? Why is the fact that there is no heaven or hell or god or devil so hard to let go of? Why can't you just live your life and enjoy it? Is this life so horrible?!

  9. Listen to the MICHELLE!
    She is with RUMSFELD and probably with UM & HEQUER .
    Yes, you were.