Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Pope Deserves Jail Time

With the recent events going on in Germany, it has come to light that the current Pope was involved in the cover up of the molestation of hundreds of children, no surprise there for me! This is just another notch on the evil belt of these horrible people. Whether it was the Spanish Inquisition, the denial of the Holocaust, the condemning of condom use in Africa(which promotes the spread of AIDS and kills thousands of people), or the proactive hindrance of scientific progress for thousands of years, the church is responsible for unspeakable evils in the name of god. I have no idea how people who live a moral everyday life can send money to such an evil organization and think it's gonna get them to heaven! If ANY PERSON sexually or otherwise abuses a child they should spend time in prison and be forbidden to work with children EVER AGAIN!

How many lives have been ruined by the Catholic church? The answer is most likely staggering, and I do not think it is even possible to quantify it! Throughout history, wars have been fought in the name of religion, people were murdered and tortured by order of the church! Where does something like that fit in with our society today? It doesn't!

People a few years ago were outraged to find that there was a group called NAMBLA(The North American Man Boy Love Association), I ask you this: What is the difference between that organisation that openly admits to having the urges and practicing sexual acts with children and the catholic church that covers it up and moves the priests to another parish to allow them to start over in an area where no one knows they are a pedophile? The difference is, NAMBLA admits it, the church hides it and millions of Americans line the pockets of these sick bastards and turn a blind eye to what's going on because they are shamed into believing that these are men of god.

Which brings me to my next point. What kind of a person could give thousands of dollars a month to a church that condones such things?! My parents are very active Catholics, their church brings in $12,000 a WEEK, that's right, a WEEK, in tithe money, some of this money goes to funding food, shelter, transport, and the relocation and covering up of child molesters. This is unacceptable! Any given day you can take those people to a website, show them pictures of known child abusers in their neighborhood and watch their faces snarl in horror at the sight and thought of these demented people and their acts. But on the other hand when you mention that their church supports this same behavior and they send their kids to the lions den every Sunday to meet with a priest, they get mad and call you a blasphemer and make excuses for them. What a double standard! But are we really surprised by this?

The reasons that I am not surprised is because I was raised religious, on both sides actually. I was sent to a cult of a Baptist school, and my family are very religious Catholics. So before you think I'm just picking on Catholics, I am not! At my school, our computer teacher, who was married to our english teacher, was arrested and convicted of child pornography, and the founder of the church and prized missionary at Trinity Christian Academy was arrested and thrown in jail DECADES after committing child abuse on many many young women, so I am not letting the Baptists or any other Fundamentalist churches off the hook. Those churches are just as guilty of doing evil things in the name of religion. I have seen and heard first hand the kind of propaganda that these religious figures pass off as god's will and god's work.

Religious people suffer delusions, they believe that there HAS to be something more than this life, and that there HAS to be a higher power looking after them. They are right in a sense, there is a higher power looking over you, you pay tithe to that higher power, and in turn it uses your money to make your life a living hell, and in turn tell you that there is a better life to look forward to after this one, but to get there you gotta keep sending your money their way! Do you see that? They use the idea of a god to scare you into giving them money!! The POPE himself is involved in the cover up of raping children and then sending the pedophile to a new parish to keep raping children!! WAKE UP!!!! You are supporting a terrorist organization! I don't know but I don't think your idea of a god would want you giving your money to such an evil empire.

It's time to throw out this idea of religion, it's time we just started being good because it's in our nature to, not because we think there's someone watching us 24/7. We do good because it benefits us not to kill each other. We need to stop living for the next life and enjoy the one you have! Stop doing stuff because your parents did it, so it must be true. The facts are there, look at them, throw out your bible and just do the things you would want to be done back to you. It doesn't require a god to be good to others. If that were true I'd be in jail, the last 8 years of my life have been godless, and i am very happy without religion.

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  1. Are you just blaming religion for all of these heinous acts? Everyone has a sinful nature, whether they chose to follow a religion or not. Though the "religious" are looked at to act differently, because we should...when they fail they are scrutinized more than those who aren't religious. Just because someone is a Christian or is "religious" does not mean that they arent' succeptable to doing horrible things. That doesn't mean that people should throw out their Bibles, or turn from God, it means more people need to dig deeper into their faith and grow closer to God. The world is only going to get worse and more and more "religions" are going to become corrupt. It's Biblical.

  2. Speak for yourself, Michelle. I do not have a "sinful nature". I am a good person who can confidently claim moral superiority over the Pope and all those involved in these despicable acts.

    There is nothing "Biblical" here. Your 2000 year old desert goat herding manual is not relevant other than to say that it is enabling evil behavior in the name of your god.

  3. Michelle, you are mistaken if you think these acts are not done in the name of religion. These people all possess a power that is given to them in the name of their religions. You are scrutinized as religious people because of your holier than thou attitude and your constant infringements on the rights of other people. If you were to "grow closer to god" as you put it you would follow the bible literally and you would start stoning children for misbehaving and killing people at the whim of your god. The problem with your stance on the "not every religious person is bad" is that the moderate religious people like yourself allow these people to use you as a smoke screen. Anytime someone does a horrible act in the name of your religion you run and yell "NO it's not the religion's fault not all of us are that extreme" this creates the perfect front for those extremists to do whatever they want and you guys turn your heads the other way and demand that the word respects your completely ridiculous views and superstitions. The crazies get away with molestation and murder all because you guys let them by demanding respect and calling religion off limits. Any other views a person might have are able to be criticized but not your religion. Then there are us atheists who sit back and watch as your religions kill each other and do terrible acts and we shake our head because we know without the religion and the "faith" these people would not otherwise do these things. The world will eventually start to get tired of all this killing and raping I just hope it is soon. All religions are outdated corrupt means of controlling masses and making money. People will get better and better morally as we lose this false sense of morals that are presented in the bible. People are not inherently bad, you are mistaken, every atheist I know is a passive person that loves life and has high morals.

  4. Mark, you've never done anything wrong in your entire life?

  5. And, I am not saying anything that what the Catholics have done/are doing is by any means right, it is dispicable. But I don't think it's right to put blame on all Catholics because "some" do bad things. (the same goes for all religions)

  6. Michelle,

    There is a big difference between saying we all have a sinfull nature, and saying that we all have the capability to do bad things. The former implies people are inherently bad while the latter recognizes we have a spectrum of human capabilities.

  7. by the way, that last comment by 40 Year Old Atheist is from Mark.

  8. It is ok to blame all Catholics because they give thesepeople the power and the money and do nothing but stand by as this stuff happens, to do nothing is to condone it! They are just as guilty for making excuses for those people. Just like trinity was wrong for covering up what Dr Gray did to those women, they came forward to the church, and the church hid it and sent him to germany to hide it! See what I mean?